Nancy: this "storm chaser" captures lightning in his camera

Guillaume Hobam is passionate about photography, specializing in thunderstorms and traveling the world to take the most impressive photos possible.

Guillaume Hobam takes superb pictures of thunderstorms.The amateur photographer from Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), who became a “thunderstorm hunter”, began to exercise his passion in 2012.

On the occasion of World Photography Day, this Wednesday August 19, 2020, Lorraine Actu invites you to discover her work.

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A passion for nature since childhood

Guillaume Hobam explains that “since I was little, I have always been passionate about the environment, nature and the weather, looking at the sky”.

Growing up, he decided to register on a forum on the Internet to be able to exchange views with other enthusiasts.In the company of one of them, he embarked on "storm hunts":

At first I didn't have the permit, so we used to do home hunts, then when I got the permit in 2012, I started roaming everywhere, so I've been going everywhere for eight years, right , on the left.I visited all of France, a bit of Europe, Italy, Croatia ...

He has decided to remain active on the Facebook page of the Alsace - Lorraine collective Storm Hunters.Members' work is visible in photo albums.Guillaume Hobam also has his own page where he shares his work: Guillaume Hobam Photographer and Hunter of 'thunderstorms.

Posted Date: 2020-08-23

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